iSchedule 247 FAQs

1. Do my contacts have to pay anything to receive reminders from iSchedule 247?

No and they don't have to be subscribers either. We also presume if they are receiving text/SMS reminders that they typically have the "all you can eat" text/SMS plans (mobile support is U.S. based at this time). Also, there are upgrades available for enterprise and business use, i.e., more calendar categories & contacts. Contact us.

2. Why should I choose iSchedule 247?

  • There's a basic forever-free version.
  • You don't have to download anything.
  • It's very easy to access and very effective in managing calendar(s) with events.
  • It's really simple to use.
  • Oh, and you can automatically remind your group of their events. Set it and forget it.

3. How do I add more calendars?

Please feel free to contact us if you have a higher or more customized needs for enterprise or business level use only at this time.

  • Of course, add more calendar categories to separate out more event types to support more group types.
  • More contacts can be supported to inform more people.
  • Provide an API or SaaS for more customized uses or integrations.
  • Update the look & feel to match your brand environment.
  • Provide widget extentions and much more...

4. Why the character use limitations for the reminders?

We're following the 140-160 character model to meet SMS/text requirements.

5. Why do we have to know the wireless carrier when entering phone numbers?

Because this free version does not use an SMS gateway. ALSO, when entering the cell phone number in your contacts profile, only use numbers with no spaces, dashes, etc....only numbers.

6. How do I report any issues or ideas?

Please feel free to use our Support email and we will respond ASAP! If you provide any description or screen shot, for example, we would appreciate any background and we may list it as a FAQ.

7. I cannot use my Google group email address.

Along with Yahoo group email addresses, this has been blocked to avoid license use and security violations with some email services.